Adventure Archery

Adventure Archery Games is an action-packed combat archery experience that is fun for ages 10 and above. Also known as Combat Archery or Tag Archery, this game allows 2 teams to battle it out with bows and foam-tipped arrows in the Archery Games arena.

The game-play is similar to dodge-ball and the ultimate objective of the game is to tag all the opposing players with arrows in order to eliminate them from the game. Our specially designed equipment allows you to shoot arrows at your friends safely, so you can get on with winning the day!

We, at Veda Adventures, seek to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by providing a fun, immersive and engaging experience for kids & adults alike. So, get inside the arena, duck and dodge your way around the hailstorm of arrows, show your bow-skills and become a Adventure Archery legend!

How does it work?

Each Archery Games booking is for 70 minutes total, which includes 10 minutes of instruction and target practice, followed by 60 minutes of game play. During the training session, all players get a feel of the bow and arrow, and get a chance to hone your shooting skills.

Then, it's showtime! We have curated different game modes for you. Take a pick of your favourite game and get going under the management of our fantastic instructors.

The basic rules largely remain the same, but may vary from game to game. Be sure to read the detailed instructions for your game of choice before heading out to the arena. The basic rules:

  • The target should always be visible and cannot be placed behind the Bunkers
  • If your arrow connects with an opponent, they are out of the game.
  • If you catch an arrow mid-flight, the opponent bowman is out of the game.
  • You can choose to hide away from the opposition behind the Bunkers, but if the opposition takes out your target, they win.

Please arrive 15 minutes earlier than your booked time for training and check in.

Know Your Arena

This image shows the entire gaming arena and how the teams are divided. They key things to know are:

Adventure Archery Games

CENTRE LINE: This line divides the field in half. This is where the arrows will be placed for the start of the game.

ATTACK LINES: These lines define the Safe Zone between them. You must cross over these lines into your half before being able to shoot your arrows.

SAFE ZONE: This is where you retrieve arrows from. Archers are not allowed to shoot or be shot while in the Safe Zone (hits made here are not counted).

How much does a game cost?

The cost per player is INR 499 + taxes and each Archery Games booking is 70 minutes in duration total.

Safety Tips:


  • Always wear your safety gear, including face guards and arm guards, during the entire duration of training session and game play.
  • You are not permitted to bring in your own bow or arrows to play.
  • For your safety, NO sandals, flip flops, or open toed shoes are allowed in the arena.

Game Play

  • Players are divided into two teams of 3-8 archers each.
  • All archers (bows in hand) start off lined up against the wall on their side of the field.
  • The referee will signal the start of the game, at which point archers race to the middle Safe Zone and retrieve the arrows.
  • Archers are not allowed to shoot or be shot while in the Safe Zone (hits made here are not counted).
  • Archers cannot enter their opponent’s side of the field while they are in play.
  • When an archer is hit by an arrow from the opposing side, they are tagged out and must make their way around the outer wall to their opponent’s wall until the next game starts.
  • If you hit out an opposing team’s target – one of your team’s archers is brought back into play.


Your team must tag out all archers of the opposing team


Have the most archers remaining when time expires


Each Archery Game booking allows you to choose from a variety of exciting combat archery game-modes specially curated for you. Take your pick from the list below. Click on each image to know more about your chosen game mode.